Fermor Plumbing Dalby



Fermors are a member of the Master Plumbers Association of Queensland which is the peak industry body and updates members on standards and requirements in the plumbing industry.

Backflow prevention valve licence: We are licensed to carry out installation, repair and testing of backflow prevention valves, which prevents pollutants gaining access to the supply line.

Thermostatic mixing valve licence: We are licensed to carry out the Installation, repair and testing of thermostatic mixing valves which enable hot and cold water to be mixed to desired set temperatures for safety requirement.

Type A gas licence: This is a restricted licence to install, service and certify gas lines and appliances.

Plumbing and drainage licence:- This licence allows us to carry out plumbing services to council requirements, and to sign off on council forms and completion notices.

The BSA (Building Services Authority) contractors licence allows us to carry out contract work and to supervise others.

Fire hose reel and fire hydrant licence allows us to install pipework to hose reel and hydrant.

Residential plumbing

  • Houses and renovations
  • Drain cleaning and replacement

Commercial plumbing

  • Motels
  • Retirement homes
  • Shopping centres
  • Communities
  • Arcades

Industrial plumbing

  • Storage sheds
  • Farm sheds
  • Oil and grease separators
  • Fire storage tanks


  • Water mains
  • Concrete manholes
  • Sewer lines

Roofing and guttering services

  • Fascia
  • Gutters
  • Metal battens
  • Box gutters
  • Ventilated ridge
  • Roof edge protection
  • Sky lights
  • Roof ventilators
  • Roof insulation

Industry licenses and qualifications

  • Dogmen for craning
  • Elevated platform work
  • Scaffolding
  • Forklift
  • Backflow valve installation and repair
  • Thermostatic valve installation and repair
  • Electrofusion welding for water and gas
  • Core hole drilling concrete (30-160mms)
  • Fire hydrant booster assemblies, storage tanks and fire pumps